The Outsider Review: 3 Ups & 7 Downs

Another disappointing Netflix dud.

The Outsider Jared Leto

You'd be forgiven for forgetting that Netflix has a new Jared Leto movie releasing this weekend, what with the launch of Jessica Jones Season 2 earlier this week combined with the fact that the streaming giant does a generally terrible job of marketing its movies.

In the case of The Outsider, though, it's easy to see why despite starring an Oscar winner, the movie has arrived with virtually no hype whatsoever. The early reviews so far haven't been kind at all, and they're totally on the money.

Despite an enormous amount of potential with such a strong cachet of talent attached, this murky, ponderous Japan-set crime thriller is woefully mediocre at best, furthering Netflix's rather disappointing string of original movies so far this year.

If you want something to casually watch while you finish the housework or browse Reddit on your phone this weekend, it'll do the job just fine, but its spare, minimal rewards are ultimately not worth fully committing your attention to...

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