The Predator: 7 Big Questions We’re Left With

Where's Arnie?

20th Century Fox

When Predator first hit theaters back in 1987, few would have thought that the titular character would still be headlining films over 30 years later. As unbelievable as that is, it's even more unfathomable that the person responsible for bringing the alien hunter back to the big screen was one of its very first victims.

Shane Black's long-awaited sequel The Predator has made its presence felt on moviegoers this week, slaying the competition at the box office. However, the film hasn't exactly gone down a treat, receiving a mixed reception from fans and critics. But when you consider the love and respect that audiences have for the first film, their lukewarm response to the sequel shouldn't really come as a surprise, especially if it didn't meet all of their expectations.

It's too soon to know if The Predator will get a sequel, but it certainly seems like there is scope for one. Though it was primarily focused on the adventure at hand, it did drop a few breadcrumbs throughout, possibly setting the stage for future stories and leaving some important questions behind.


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