We’re just a few days away from James Mangold’s highly-anticipated movie The Wolverine hitting cinemas, and in conjunction with HBO, you can watch the new clip that 20th Century Fox has released above. Director Mangold and star Hugh Jackman introduce the clip by bringing us up to speed on what Logan has been up to since the end of X-Men: The Last Stand, leading into the featured scene, in which Wolverine hurls Norobu Mori over a balcony, into a swimming pool below.

It garnered one of the film’s biggest laughs at the press screening I attended last week, so is a fine clip to show off the tone Mangold has been shooting for with this movie. Keep watching after the clip and the pair discuss the making of the scene, and how actor Brian Tee certainly had the hardest job on set that day, spending the entirety of it prancing around in red underwear.

The Wolverine stands alone from the underwhelming X-Men Origins: Wolverine and sees Logan trying to piece his life back together after the death of Jean Grey during The Last Stand. Attempting to insulate himself from the death and destruction that seems to follow him at every turn, he soon enough finds himself drawn back into a life of violence once his regenerative powers are stripped away, and he has to contend with his own mortality for the first time.

What did you make of the scene? Does it make you more excited to catch The Wolverine this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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This article was first posted on July 22, 2013