Thor: Ragnarok - 10 Questions We Still Have

Hela good questions to ponder.

Marvel Studios

Thor: Ragnarok will come thundering onto cinemas next month and the hype is at almost white-hot levels thanks to those epic trailers, complete with neon-drenched synthesizers, in-depth Norse mythology and a healthy dose of Armageddon.

Chris Hemsworth's third outing as Marvel Comics' famous thunder good is already a more exciting offering than its dismally disjointed predecessor, The Dark World, and not just because it has a shedload of Hulk in it.

Cate Blanchett's big bad Hela has the potential to be one of the greatest villains ever to set foot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if what they've shown so far is anything to go by, and the lighter, zanier tone is a welcome change of pace for Thor.

The stakes promise to be higher this time around, as Blanchett's goddess of death is about to unleash the Norse apocalypse on Asgard, and the images of mass destruction in the trailers suggest Thor will have his work cut out stopping it.

At least he's got a team to watch his back this time, though with the unpredictable god of mischief Loki among its ranks, is that really such a good thing?

This is just one of the many unanswered questions surrounding Thor: Ragnarok, and some of the others are particularly intriguing...


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