Thor: Ragnarok - 26 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

27. Honourable Mention

Skux Life

Thor Ragnarok Skux Life
Marvel Studios

In the original cut of the movie - or at least an early one - the scene in which Hela smashes Mjolnir was filmed in a back alley in New York before Taika Waititi apparently decided it didn't work and reshot it in a cliff-top field in Iceland. You can see the original cut in the first trailer, which also had a nice little Easter Egg reference to Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

In Wilderpeople, Ricky Baker - played by Julian Dennison - is a rap fan and wannabe "gangster" who frequently uses the line "I didn't choose the Skux life, the Skux life chose me". Skux Life - which appeared as graffiti behind Thor in that earlier cut on a bin - is basically the New Zealand version of Thug Life.

Now on to the real ones...

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