Thor Ragnarok Reviews: 12 Early Reactions You Need To See


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It's almost time once more for you to start trying to revise your rankings of MCU movies, as Thor: Ragnarok lands in cinemas just in time for Halloween. Buoyed by an incredibly smart marketing campaign, excellent casting and the appointment of bona-fide genius Taika Waititi to direct, the third Thor movie is already surfing on a huge wave of hype, and now we're starting to get the first reactions to those who have seen it.

Somewhat inevitably, the majority of the small number of reactions released so far have followed the pattern you'd expect from MCU reception, ranging from mostly positive to filled with extravagant hyperbole. Nobody has said it's the best comic book movie ever, somewhat surprisingly, but it's definitely picking up a lot of praise - to the extent that some cynics are questioning the authenticity of the reactions. The miserable sorts.

All-in-all, it does look suspiciously like Marvel have done it again, and - make no mistake - they needed to for the sake of not only the Thor franchise (which looked in danger of cancellation as a stand-alone series), but also leading into Infinity War. They only have Black Panther left before that huge event, and they need a solid performance from a series veteran to give them some wiggle room for a more unknown quantity before the Big Show.And it looks like they've got jsut that.

So, what are the lucky few who've already seen it saying?

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