Tim Burton Drinking Game: His Top 8 Cliches

If I had to make a list of directors I think have had the greatest impact on modern cinema and…

David Andrew McCabe



If I had to make a list of directors I think have had the greatest impact on modern cinema and have completely revolutionized the artistic style and imagination of a whole generation, Tim Burton would be near the very top. His iconic storytelling methods have become as recognizable as a signature, giving us more macabre laughs, night terrors and great memories than many other directors twice his age.

But at the same time, if I had to make a list of which directors could replace M. Night Shyamalan in terms of peaking too soon, I think Tim Burton would sit very comfortably at the number one spot. While he’s by no means a bad director, it still has to be said that he’s not turning out classic after classic as he once did, and those same ‘storytelling methods’ have just become laughable cliches that never seem to go away.

At a recent viewing of Dark Shadows, my brother and I developed a running joke throughout that grew into what we like to call “The Tim Burton Drinking Game,” in which we turn these laughable stereotypes into entertainment (just a quick heads up: don’t actually play this game when you’re watching Dark Shadows or you’ll die within five minute).

Now before you all accuse me of making Tim Burton into the butt of a joke, we’re here to laugh with him, not at him. I still love him and his movies, and always have done. Maybe I like him because I’m sick in the head, or maybe I’m sick in the head because I’ve liked him for so long, but for whatever reason, he’s one of my heroes. Which of course means I have to point out how flawed he is at every chance I get (don’t act like that doesn’t make sense). So let’s take a look at the man’s most frequent cliches… and take a drink every time you see one!