Top 5 Spike Lee Performances

3. Half-Pint - School Daze (1988)

Half-Pint, the wannabe Gamma-man in Lee's second feature film set in an all-black university that looks at the life and hostilities between african american students. Half-Pint is desperate to be part of the Gamma-Phi-Gamma fraternity and is willing to go through the rigorous and humiliating training program. It's Spike's short height and his ability to put on a dull and uninterested look that really brings this innocence of Half-pint to life.

2. Mookie - Do The Right Thing (1989)

In at number two is Mookie from, arguably, Spike Lee's most successful film, Do The Right Thing. Spike is the protagonist for the first time in this film, which depicts racial hostility in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Mookie is man with a lack of ambition who works at the local pizzeria, Sal's Famous. Once again, thanks to Spike's ability to pull off the dull look, Mookie's nonchalant character comes across perfectly as he walks up and down the Brooklyn street interacting with the many different cultures along the way.
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