Continuing the apocalyptic “virus” theme that has been the trend of the best horror movies recently (28 WEEKS LATER, I AM LEGEND) is DOOMSDAY, the latest film from Newcastle born director Neil Marshall.

The guy that everyone fell in love with for the claustrophobic horror THE DESCENT, a movie that was perfectly fine but Jesus, some of the praise I heard for the movie was insane. Critics branding around the tag of “best horror I’ve ever seen”, which can only come from those not immersed with the genre because there is so much more good stuff out there than that.

Though it was fun and one of the best horror’s of recent years.


So comes DOOMSDAY, the first action vehicle from frequent bit-part film actress Rhona Mitra and one that is going more “MAD MAX apocalyptic” than the aforementioned movies. Actually, the film would be more correctly labelled as “SNAKE PLISKEN’S DAUGHTER”, as it takes a lot from the Carpenter classic…

[youtube feELmdZUrTs]


Looks interesting. I could watch Bob Hoskins and Malcolm McDowell do this kind of shit all day.

Hopefully Mitra is strong enough to pull of this feature and her accent sounds confident, so that might mask her limitations.

It feels like a Joe Carnahan movie and that’s a very good thing. This one opens in March in the U.K. (no U.S. release date given just yet) and it should be good.

source – coming soon

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This article was first posted on January 16, 2008