So It Turns Out Interstellar Is A Prequel To...

SPOILERS AHEAD! We all had especially high hopes for Interstellar. It's Christopher Nolan at the end of the day, and while quite a few people may have turned against him upon the release of The Dark Knight Rises, it's undeniable that he's probably still the most exceptional film-maker of the last 15 or so years. Luckily; Interstellar flat out rules and it shouldn't suffer too much at the hands of Nolan's dissenters. The whole concept from start to finish is framed in such a grounded, realistic manner that it's hard not to get completely swept up in it, and the performances feel so fluid and natural that it'll be amazing if this thing goes without winning any kind of award over the next 12 months. The film is certainly right up there with his other master works, and it's cool to see that there are some small thematic ties to his older work throughout, particularly Inception. That being said, we may have gotten a little more bang for our buck than we originally anticipated. We couldn't help but notice, upon conclusion of the film, that it would tie almost perfectly into a recent film by everyone's favourite animation studio €“ Pixar. The links between Interstellar and this other film are outlined in the video, BUT BE WARNED! Spoilers lay ahead.

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