That’s it, it’s over; today, the long-gestating Twilight Saga finally comes to a close with the long-awaited finale, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Well, is it any good? As you can glean from our title, no, it’s not, though the critical reception to date is actually fairly positive compared to the previous films – clocking in at around the 50% mark – and the overall consensus is that if you’ve bought into the series to this point, you’ll have no problem accepting everything the final film has to offer you.

But I hated it, hated, hated, hated it. And here’s why.



10. Cringe-Inducing Dialogue

Now, the Twilight series has never been a hallmark for pristine, David Mamet-inspired dialogue, but there are some especially bad zingers in this final film, perhaps because the filmmakers are so urgent to push the epic finality of the film. Perhaps the best of all occurs early on when Jacob mentions to Bella that he has a nickname for her child, Nessie. Bella flips out and screams:

“You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster!?”

Though the line is clearly intended to evoke laughter, it’s still awful all the same, both in concoction and delivery, and a Google search revealed that it’s a line actually taken verbatim from the novel, so I guess we have Stephenie Meyer to thank for that one. Even if you can tolerate that line, the overall schmaltz of the romantic dialogue is enough to make even the most ardent love bug throw up. Woeful.

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This article was first posted on November 16, 2012