Uncharted: 5 Directions The Potential Film Could Take

5. An Origin Story

Naughty Dog/Sony

While Nathan Fillion may be the most popular choice when it comes to casting Nathan Drake, Tom Holland has also been rumoured to be playing the adventurer.

If the the young Marvel actor were to be cast as Drake, then it would make much more sense for a film to follow the early exploits of the character in an origin-style flick, especially due to Holland's age. However, it's not like the character's early exploits are uncharted, with the games having featured sections in which you play as a younger version of the adventurer, primarily in the last two games that is, meaning that an origin story would likely be set out of the original continuity.

Holland may not be the fan favourite choice, but as a young Nathan Drake, he has the potential to play the role satisfactorily, and maybe even set up sequels starring an older Drake, portrayed by Fillion .

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