Venom: 18 Easter Eggs & References Explained

A Superman reference in a Marvel movie. Whatever next?

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You've probably had time to see Venom for yourself by now, but did you catch any of the Easter eggs, references or nods to the wider universe?

Though the Tom Hardy-led superhero movie isn't as jam-packed with clever winks to the audience as fans expect from, say, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it does nevertheless serve up a solid collection of nerdy touchstones to keep your eyes peeled for.

From hints at the broader nature of the cinematic universe itself - and even other universes! - to snappy name-drops, loving homages to comic panels both niche and classic, and even a surprise reference to Marvel's biggest rival, there's plenty to digest here.

While Venom may not be a particularly good movie, it at least embraces the gonzo weirdness of the source material and is clearly constructed with a love for the character, wildly uneven though the end result is.

Whether or not you liked Venom enough to revisit it, these are the sneakiest Easter eggs and references you absolutely need to know about...

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