Venom 2: 10 Things We Want To See

More She-Venom in Tom Hardy's sequel, please.


Tom Hardy’s Venom film was a huge roll of the dice for Sony that has surprisingly paid off very well. The astonishing box office success of the Spider-Man villain's record-smashing first solo endeavor has got the ball rolling on Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters and a sequel has officially been confirmed.

Kelly Marcel, who wrote the original script is officially back on board to give us another chapter in the Venom saga. And after witnessing the post credit scene it seems she will be writing an adventure for the famous antihero that deals with some serious Carnage and open up an even larger universe.

There were some great things accomplished in the first film, but there are many improvements that could be made and will hopefully be taken into consideration for the highly anticipated follow-up.

If Sony wants to keep their shared universe going, they need to give the fans the movie they deserve. So in order not to make the same mistakes twice, here is a list of certain things the next installment could focus on to make the Venom sequel both a critical and box office success.

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