Venom Post-Credits Scenes EXPLAINED

Tom Hardy's Spider-Man spin-off has TWO post-credits scenes...

Carnage Venom

It's time to meet the symbiotes.

If you're wondering whether or not to sit through the end-credits of Tom Hardy's Venom spin-off in the hope of seeing some more of that comic book movie goodness, you can wonder no more. For there are TWO post-credits scenes tacked onto the movie (well, more accurately there's a sort of mid-credits and a post-).

The question you'll be asking now is whether they set up any sequels and whether there's anything in there that teases any sort of link to Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the MCU. Given that Tom Hardy supposedly signed on for three Venom movies (even if he was a little disappointed with some of the cuts made), you'd have to already think that the firs question has an answer, but it's the second one that will really be blowing fans' minds as they wait to see Venom.

Without spoiling anything too openly here, the second stinger DOES include a link to Spider-Man, but it's probably not what you'd be expecting. So what are the scenes and what do they mean? Read on with a MAJOR SPOILER WARNING in place...

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