Venom Trailer 2 Reactions: 2 Ups & 7 Downs

At least they got the look right.

Venom Tongue

Sony just dropped the second trailer for their Tom Hardy-starring Venom origin story - due for release on October 5th - and it's fair to say that the fan response has been pretty mixed so far.

After the first trailer showed not a single glimpse of the title character, this new trailer does at least reveal the iconic supervillain's new design in spectacular fashion...alongside some less convincing plot and character details.

Every comic book fan wants this movie to be great, especially after Spider-Man 3 dealt the character such a raw hand, but honestly, the second trailer only adds more evidence to the pile that Venom's going to end up an utterly mediocre effort.

Sure, many eventually enjoyable films have been saddled with awful trailers, but the creative issues here seem so thoroughly pervasive that it's hard to be at all optimistic.

It doesn't all look bad - indeed, a few elements seem legitimately promising - but it's clearly smart to keep your expectations low for the time being...

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