Venom Trailer 2 Reactions: 7 Ups & 4 Downs

3. There's A Fairly Enormous Spoiler In There

Venom Spoiler

It's great that we're getting to see more of Riz Ahmed's villain in this trailer since he wasn't really a presence in the first one and it's great that the effects look so stunning (more of both of which soon), but did Sony REALLY have to sign off on a huge spoiler in there?

It's not the hardest thing to predict that Ahmed's baddy would be looking to "level up" using the symbiote "technology" and ultimately have the story lead to a Hulk versus Abomination battle, but there's no need for that to be in the ACTUAL trailer.

Somehow, someone has missed the fact that showing Ahmed transformed into a symbiote (Riot, as already confirmed) is a massive spoiler for the end of the movie. And of course we're all going to notice it! It doesn't matter that the director confirmed that's who he's playing - telling a mainstream audience member that Ahmed is actually playing Riot means very little unless you're deep into your comics. Showing him being a symbiote in the trailer is an entirely different thing!

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