Warner Bros. Hope To Film One Of Five DCEU Movies This Year

Other than Aquaman, the studio hopes to add another film to its extended universe.

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Although the release date for Aquaman has been pushed back a couple of months, filming is still expected to begin on the movie in May.

As it stands, that's the only DC Extended Universe movie shooting this year, after both The Flash and The Batman suffered setbacks due to changes in director.

However, word now comes from Variety's Justin Kroll that Warner Bros. are hoping to add one more DCEU movie to their shooting schedule this year, with five options being considered: Gotham City Sirens, The Flash, Green Lantern Corps, Suicide Squad 2, and Dark Universe.

Those movies are all in various stages of development. Each has a writer attached, with Geneva Robertson-Dworet writing Sirens, Joby Harold on The Flash, Geoff Johns and Justin Rhodes on Corps, Adam Cozad writing Suicide Squad 2, and Michael Gilio penning Dark Universe. Of those, however, only Gotham City Siren and Dark Universe have directors (David Ayer and Doug Liman respectively), and neither have a cast in place. It's not impossible that one of them could end up filming before the end of the year, but we'd probably need some casting news sooner rather than later.

The other real possibility is The Flash, which has been in the works for a long time now, but still needs a new director. However, as Kroll notes, Warner Bros. won't be too disappointed if it doesn't happen.

It's reassuring to hear that Warners won't be rushing anything for the sake of getting a movie out, as it's quite clear they need to take their time getting these movies right - something they seem to be doing with both Aquaman and The Batman.

Which of these five films would you like to see first? Let us know down in the comments.

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