Warner Bros REALLY Want You To Think Aquaman Is Cool

Rock that solo, fishboy!

Aquaman Guitar

Hey look everyone, a new set image of Jason Momoa on the set of Justice League, caught in the moment playing his guitar casually. What do you mean it's posed? Don't be so cynical.

For all of Warner Bros' issues with marketing recently - they're either too bad at it (Batman v Superman) or they're too good (Suicide Squad) - they're actually doing well by Aquaman. Roundly dismissed as a "comedy" character by people who simply do not know the source, he's not actually the least member of the Justice League and he does deserve some credit.

To their credit, Warner Bros are making it very, very clear that their version of the character is a bad-ass, that he deserves to be shoulder to shoulder with Batman, and that Jason Momoa is definitely the right man for the job too. Okay, so maybe there is something a little cynical about the idea of him just slinging his guitar over his shoulder and playing between shots, but let's allow it. Let's allow some joy into our hearts for once.

Aquaman actually does look like a legitimately great addition to the DCEU based on what we've seen so far - though let's be honest, we've all been burned before. Let's just hope this isn't an actual guitar solo in Justice League, as that might be a step too far.

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