Watch Battleship Super Bowl Trailer That Wants To Be Transformers 4

Based on the Hasbro board game, Battleship is coming April 11th in the UK but not until May 18th in the US.

Matt Holmes


Universal Pictures have debuted last night’s Super Bowl trailer for their summer blockbuster epic Battleship to the web, and it can be viewed below.

Based on Hasbro’s classic naval based board game, Battleship stars Taylor Kitsch as Naval officer Hopper, assigned to the USS John Paul Jones where his superior Admiral Shane (Liam Neeson) is soon to be his father-in-law as Hopper is engaged to his daughter/physical therapist Sam (Brooklyn Decker). Alexander Skarsgard, Rihanna and Josh Pence support.

Hancock & The Kingdom director Peter Berg helms. You can watch the new ad spot below;

From the moment the trailer beings, there’s only one thing Universal are trying to accomplish and that’s make you believe Battleship is some kind of unofficial Transformers 4 that promises the same kind of Michael Bay-esque eye-gouging orgy of visual explosions. It’s a smart move we suppose but one that for those who see through it comes across as terribly insecure for a board game which never had a clear path to film adaptation.

And the space aliens? Well I guess they had to do something to make it different than two commanders firing missiles at location codes.

“FIRE EVERYTHING”…. pretty sure a certain space-set blockbuster used that line before, no?

Battleship is coming April 11th in the UK but not until May 18th in the US.