WB moving fast on CLASH OF THE TITANS 2

Sam Worthington will star, but a new director is being sought for a 2012 release.

are pushing ahead with a quick sequel to 'Clash of the Titans', the flawed patch-up job that was truly awful in post-converted 3-D (and wasn't all that great in 2-D either), and collectively made us all a lot dumber by a high 'scene x dead brain cell' conversion. $388 million worldwide from a $125 million budget has proved to be more than satisfactory for WB to greenlight another Gods/Monsters/Human tale, and they want it to hit fast. With Sam Worthington likely to be locked into two 'Avatar' sequels eating up at a full year of his time, WB have secured his signature for a quick sequel that will film next year for a Spring 2012 release. All the major players who survived the original will return, schedules permitting. Surprisingly, director Louis Leterrier won't be back to helm as he isn't ready to jump straight back into the Greek mythology world, despite currently being unemployed with no deals on the horizon. To be honest, I'm not Leterrier's biggest fan but WB could do a lot worse. He suits the audience of the franchise, and I just worry how low they might go in hiring his replacement. Former 'Dawson's Creek' writer Greg Berlanti is once again a go-to guy from WB to script. Last year he wrote the DC comics adaptation 'Green Lantern' and the studio liked his draft so much they nearly offered him the directing gig on that. Deadline say however it's unlikely Berlanti will direct as they are already looking at further writers/directors to make it screenworthy. He is at the end of the day, a rom-com helmer who has a Katherine Heigl movie opening in December. Furthermore, in news that doesn't deserve much printing space - WB are astonishingly going ahead with a sequel to 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth'. I know it made money, but what a bore-fest. They want to film the sequel for a release in the fall of 2011 - which rules out a return for director Eric Brevig (busy with 'Yogi Bear') and Brendan Fraser seems unwilling to return without him. If they can't get Fraser to return - WB's plan B is to follow Fraser's character's son played by 18 year old Josh Hutcherson (who recently auditioned for the lead in the new 'Spidey' movie) but if that happens, you can expect the budget to decrease by millions. Brad Peyton, director of the upcoming 'Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore' (WOW!) is their choice to direct. No wonder Fraser is hesitant.

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