What Does The Ending Of Black Panther Really Mean?

Welcome back, White Wolf...

Bucky Black Panther
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It might have taken way too long to happen, but the MCU finally has its first stand-alone superhero movie led by not only a black hero but also a predominantly black cast. As Kevin Feige says, this was an important film for diversity, but it was just as important for Feige and director Ryan Coogler to make something that lived up to the Panther's status as a character and to the MCU's already high bar.

They succeeded, to say the least, and the film is headed towards a lofty billion dollar haul at the box office after record-breaking pre-release sales. It has now swept into cinemas across the globe on the back of a white-hot tsunami of hype, both in terms of fan anticipation and critical acclaim, and honestly, anyone not falling over themselves to see it doesn't deserve cinema privileges.

This is an important moment for the MCU (and for cinema generally), and Black Panther should herald significant changes to the Marvel franchise as we go forward. Not least in the way the end sets up possible sequels and wider ramifications for the MCU in general.

Here's what happens and what it all means...

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