What Went Wrong: 13 Disastrous Comic Book Movies (And Why They Sucked)

There are no accidents in Hollywood...

Batman Robin
Warner Bros.

Bad movies are a blame game. With the Internet era giving fanbases a sense of entitlement and the fallacy of ownership over their favourite movie franchises, anything that doesn't live up to expectations requires a scapegoat.

Why else would there be so much obsessing about studio interference, egotistical directors, wayward set behaviour and the perceived impact of critics on box office hauls? That conversation seems to happen every time a big budget - or heavily hyped - movie fails to be both critically adored and financially lucrative. When those movies happen to be comic book movies, the obsessive scapegoating hits another level entirely.

And while there's a lot of nonsense out there masquerading as genuine reasons for movie failures, it is possible to look at some of the most notorious disappointments in the genre's history and chart exactly why they imploded.

Given how obvious some of the causes for these bombs were, it's a wonder the studios didn't learn from the experiences, but here we are...

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