Why Zack Snyder Was Fired From Justice League

7. His Vision Was Too Dark...

Doomsday Batman V Superman
Warner Bros.

He may have taken scenes out of Batman v Superman for being too dark even for him, but Snyder's vision for that film and the rest of the DCEU was simply too dark. Though fans of the film - and indeed of Man Of Steel - will balk at the claims (and usually use them as a stick to beat Marvel's family-friendly agenda), there's something in the accusations.

On reflection, the studio clearly had issues with how dark Batman v Superman was - whether they listened to critical consensus or not - because all of writer Chris Terrio, Snyder and Geoff Johns came out very publicly and assured everyone that there'd be a tonal shift for Justice League.

They were assuring Warner Bros as much as they were the fans, but by the look of Justice League (and the bits that are most obviously Snyder's) his idea of what is dark and everyone else's is wildly different.

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