Will Wonder Woman Be The Villain In Flashpoint?

Gal Gadot confirmed to return to the DCEU...

Wonder Woman Villain
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It looks like we might be about to see a far more edgy version of Wonder Woman in the DCEU, if a rumour about Gal Gadot's planned appearance in Flashpoint is anything to go by.

After earning millions of fans with her first stand-alone movie, Gadot is apparently confirmed (by Deadline) to be apearing in Ezra Miller's solo Flash movie, which will have a time-travel/alternate reality twisty plot.

The character is a major part of the Flashpoint comic, and Gadot's appearance would suggest that we're going to get to see her play the same role on the screen, which means she's in for something of a moral make-over.

In the comic, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are at war - after the assassination of Mera - and Diana is reimagined as a far more brutal killer who (along with Aquaman) is responsible for the decimation of Western Europe, and has conquered Great Britain. We at WhatCulture welcome our Amazonian overlords.

If Wonder Woman is involved as one part of the "villainous" element, then that would suggest that Jason Momoa's Aquaman will too (she can't be at war with herself, after all), which will come as music to fans' ears, since he looks to be the real DCEU MVP.

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