Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins Is Getting A Pay-Rise To Direct

So no chance of Star Wars 9, then...

Wonder Woman Patty Jenkins
Warner Bros.

In very much unsurprising news, Patty Jenkins has been confirmed as the director of Wonder Woman 2, following the success of the first movie.

The confirmation (courtesy of Variety) follows earlier reports that Jenkins was already working on the script with Geoff Johns with Warner Bros seeking a December 2019 release. That would seemingly kill any possibility of her taking over on Star Wars 9 as well, which is a shame but a definite boost for the DCEU sequel.

We've already had confirmation in the past that the sequel will be set in the modern day (sadly), and it will presumably pick up the story in the wake of Justice League. The question now is where they go for a villain and how Jenkins will deal with a story that somehow precludes appearances by other League members.

Interestingly, it's also been suggested that Jenkins will become the highest paid female director, with a “high seven figures” contract to write and direct according to the THR. That report suggests something in the $7-9 million range, with a performance bonus on top. Considering she was paid only $1 million for the first Wonder Woman, that's a significant uplift.

It would seem that the film's impressive box office performance strengthened her position and made sure she was going to be rewarded handsomely for the follow-up. Considering how much better her film was than the other DCEU films, that's absolutely justified.

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