Wonder Woman: 8 Characters Chris Pine Could Really Be Playing

Should you believe the rumours that Chris Pine is really playing Green Lantern?

Wonder Woman getting her own movie is great news and all, but as the Amazonian Warrior will be introduced in next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the majority of fans are far more interested in who will be joining Gal Gadot. Perhaps that's why there's been such a buzz around the news that Chris Pine is in talks to play Steve Trevor, a major character in the life of Wonder Woman who has served as both one of her closest allies and a love interest. Pine is one of those actors who has been fantasy cast in just about any and every major superhero role over the years, whether it's Captain America, The Flash, or Green Lantern. For that reason, Steve Trevor doesn't feel all that exciting a choice, so is the actor really playing him? Based on recent rumours, there's every chance he's someone else altogether. The source of the news was certainly reliable (Variety), but this wouldn't be the first time a Hollywood trade has been fooled by a studio desperate to keep a secret or simply made a mistake and left everyone confused (for a while there, it was being reported that Will Smith would play Boomerang in Suicide Squad, while Jai Courtney had been cast as Deadshot). Assuming that they are wrong and the Star Trek actor isn't playing Wonder Woman's love interest and link to the outside world, who could he have been cast as in the movie? There are a lot of exciting possibilities. Whether it's the role many fans would love to see Pine take on in the DC Cinematic Universe or any number of other Wonder Woman related heroes and villains, Chris Pine playing any one of these would make the prospect of a Wonder Woman movie even more exciting that it already is...


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