Wonder Woman Trailer Breakdown: 23 Things You Need To See

Paradise, romance, war... and comic relief?!

Wonder Woman Logo
Warner Bros.

It might have been easy to dismiss DC's upcoming film slate based on the well-publicised issues with Batman v Superman and the continued presence of Zack Snyder. But Warner Bros have struck back quite stunningly at Comic Con, not only winning the PR war with Marvel by releasing all of their footage, but also offering some stunning footage from both Justice League and Wonder Woman.

The former is more of a wildcard with Snyder involved, but it does look to have fixed some of the tonal issues of BvS at least. But Wonder Woman arguably has a lot more riding on it. Politically speaking, it's huge - as the first female-led comic book movie of this generation, and in terms of the character, it represents a long-awaited screen debut for a bona-fide comic book legend.

No pressure then, Patty Jenkins.

Brilliantly, her trailer has set expectations high, with a lot of action, a nice balance of levity and a compelling looking story clashing the worlds of Gods and men.

Here's everything we learned from the Comic Con trailer for Wonder Woman...

23. Welcome To Paradise

Wonder Woman Paradise
Warner Bros.

Welcome to Themyscira - the appropriately named Paradise Islands - where Wonder Woman and her people live.

Look, no darkness. No grim, foreboding tone. It looks immediately beautiful, which is no bad thing.

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