World War Z: 3 Things That Worked And 3 Things That Didn't

1. A Nailbiting Third Act

world war z third act Having hobbled to the WHO research facility (good job the plane crashed where it did, eh?), Gerry and Segen are, understandably, treated first with suspicion and then with hospitality. After theorising with the officials, Gerry comes to the realisation that the zombies are choosing to ignore the terminally ill- as they would be unable to propagate the virus - and so he sets about testing his hypothesis by injecting himself with a terminal but, crucially, curable pathogen. The only trouble is, the wing in which the pathogens are stored is now teeming with zombies, after one of the doctors accidentally infected himself and his colleagues. But still he must go... Although what follows comes dangerously close to conventional horror; creeping down corridors, shadows scuttling under a flickering fluorescent light etc, it's nevertheless gripping stuff. While a couple of officials volunteer to assist him (briefly swappping their role from WHO doctor to Doctor Who) the rest can only huddle around surveillance screens and watch humanity's last hope tentatively negotiate one corner after another. When Gerry reaches the vault, it's made perfectly clear that choosing the correct pathogen becomes as imperative as cutting the right wire... You can certainly see why the video game tie-in was a no-brainer. Mmmm...brains. Click 'next' to read three criticisms of World War Z.

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