WWE: CM Punk’s Big Week Starts Terribly – Not What Vince McMahon Had Planned

When the main event for tonight’s Raw was announced, I was wondering what the catch was. Vince McMahon vs. CM…

Jarrod Atkinson


When the main event for tonight’s Raw was announced, I was wondering what the catch was. Vince McMahon vs. CM Punk isn’t something people want to see. I was betting on a run-in or a bait and switch. The health of John Cena going into Hell in a Cell is debatable, and Ryback keeps showing up at the end of the show. There was no way that Vince vs. Punk was happening.

When the time came for the match I thought it might be a beat down to give Punk a little more heat with the fans. Boy was I wrong. Punk dominated the first part of the match but in a hilarious turn of events he ended up on the receiving end of a vicious beat down by Vince. Seriously, the Vince McMahon table dive was epic. Things were going great. Punk took a chicken shit heel beating, Vince got to play John Wayne, Ryback was established as a main event option, and Cena was there for the kids. Punk ran through the crowd to escape. But then it happened.

I’m sure the plan was to have people talking about how much of a coward Punk was and how there was no way his 300+ day run as champion would continue. But as Punk hid in the crowd, someone hit him and he hit back. CM Punk, the WWE Champion, hit a fan in the crowd. Further viewing of the video indicates he hit the wrong person at that. So in no time this will be the thing everyone is talking about. Without a doubt the story will be on TMZ in no time. Punk is no stranger to the site.

This is supposed to be Punk’s week. His DVD is in stores tomorrow, he debuted a new shirt tonight, and he is the face of the WWE ’13 video game. In the old days if you made it through the ropes you were fair game for the wrestlers. That may still fly in current times. But this is the era of Linda McMahon for Senate. This is the era of PG. This is also the era of cell phones everywhere, so no doubt this video will be all over YouTube.

I don’t know the circumstances of the situation Punk was in. I hope the guy he hit deserved it. Because as a viewer, I don’t want to deal with the potential consequences of the WWE Champion being suspended or having to apologize and lose his bad guy edge. Time will tell, but I’m sure this isn’t what Vince had planned for tonight.