X-Men: Days Of Future Past – 6 Additional Scenes That Should Be Filmed

As most comic book movie fans are now fully aware of, next year will see the continuation of the X-Men…

K.J. Stewart


X Men Magneto

As most comic book movie fans are now fully aware of, next year will see the continuation of the X-Men movie franchise with the highly anticipated Days of Future Past.

Somewhat loosely adapted from a comic book arc of the same name, the X-Men ensemble will fight a war for the survival of the mutant species across two time periods in this movie.

The characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class in a battle that must change the past in order to save their future – a future which will see a war begin that will wipe them from existence, as purpose-built robots known as Sentinels hunt them down and terminate them (indeed, the film has been described as “X-Men meets Terminator”).

The first trailer (below) has recently come to light and the film looks to be an emotional and action-packed journey (albeit with a bit too much Wolverine for most people’s liking) and is set to take the X-Men movie franchise to new heights on many levels.

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The comic book arc on which the movie is based is one of the greatest from any comic book brand or franchise and has numerous moments that would be great on film. So, apart from what we’ve already seen in the trailers, what else should we see in the movie?

Here are five additional scenes that should be shot for the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie…


Honourable Mention: Fantastic Four/Apocalypse

F4 Apoc

As they aren’t actually moments from the comic book arc, they only get an honourable mention, but it would be so cool to see mid and post-credit cameos, hints towards or links to a future appearance from Apocalypse or the Fantastic Four (given that the Fantastic Four reboot is said to be taking place in the same universe as the X-Men movies).

Apocalypse is one of the X-Men’s lead villains in the comic books and he has long been touted for an on-screen appearance. He would take the X-Men’s live action challenge to a new level, given his immense power and monstrous appearance (which would look fantastic utilising current CGI technology) and it would be a most welcome occurrence to see him alluded to in this movie in some way, just to let us fans know that he is coming (much in the same way that fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe know that Thanos is on his way).

In the same vein, given that Fox are responsible for both franchises, we have been led to believe that the new Fantastic Four movie (coming 2015) is set to take place in the X-Men movies’ continuity, so it would be very cool to see non X-Men heroes appearing in an X-Men move for the first time by virtue of a Fantastic Four cameo or allusion.

Given that, in the comic arc at least, the Sentinels’ base is in the Baxter Building – a place so strongly associated with the Fantastic Four – it’s hard to see how the group couldn’t be alluded to if that’s the way the movie goes too.

As a matter of fact, the comic book Days of Future Past story actually features a member of the Fantastic Four family (Franklin Richards, see below) in a supporting role. Surely this has to be a tie-in movie for the reboot?

Franklin Richards Dofp

It would also be cool to see something from Rachel Summers – anything – but that seems unlikely, given that her parents are existing characters in the X-Men movie continuity – one of whom is dead and neither of whom showed any signs of being parents in their previous outings.

With those in mind, let’s move on to the actual list…