X-Men Days Of Future Past Spoilers: 6 Things X-Men Apocalypse Could Reveal

Apocalypse So now we know: Bryan Singer plans to bring fan favourite villain Apocalypse to his sequel to X-Men: Days Of Future Past. The director's lone, teaser tweet has set the internet tongues wagging, with speculation rife that he could be about to officially bring the iconic Age Of Apocalypse event to the big screen, further complicating the already complex timeline that was reinvented (sort of) with First Class. Age Of Apocalypse is about as big an event that could happen for X-Men (aside from their involvement in the wider Marvel Civil War arc) with Charles Xavier killed, Magneto turned away from the dark side, and made an advocate of co-existence, and of course, the attack and ultimate triumph of Apocalypse, the immortal mutant alien who takes the opportunity to take over the world for mutantkind. The decision to go with Apocalypse as the next major event could mean that we've been given some insight into the events of Days Of Future Past, since certain things would have to happen for an Age Of Apocalypse adaptation to be possible - no matter how much it seems to fit with the directions the franchise has already gone in. In a way, Singer's brief tweet has spoiled some of his own upcoming movie in an attempt to add excitement (and undoubtedly to take some shine off yesterday's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer release.) So what could the Apocalypse revelation mean for Days Of Future Past? There are a number of potential waves and narrative details that could now have been hinted at, and we're looking at those in an attempt to work out how Singer will leave the X-Men series ahead of the next sequel. And first, we start in the most ridiculous of places...

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Vampires...?Apocalypse Dracul Because comic book writers love a gimmicky cross-over, the X-Men's greatest ever foe from the pages of their comic once battled the Lord of Darkness, over a four-issue limited run that might have initially seemed bad-ass in the most throw-away of manners, but which was utterly disposable, and frankly silly at the end of the day. Just because two characters are immortal and essential, doesn't mean they need to fight each other, otherwise you end up with a situation where Santa Claus battles Wolverine. Hollywood is still ploughing money into vampires, in the hope that the flow of Twilight dollars can be rediverted somewhere else, so this could well set up a spin-off beyond X-Men: Apocalypse if the character is deemed appealing enough/doesn't get "killed." So, will this happen? No.
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