X-Men Days of Future Past: 5 Burning Questions

X-Men Days of Future Past is an intriguing sequel title for fans of First Class, and a very exciting one…

Tom Stadler



X-Men Days of Future Past is an intriguing sequel title for fans of First Class, and a very exciting one for avid followers of the comics. Chris Claremont’s story arc from the Uncanny X-Men comics took readers on an adventure through time to a not-so-distant future, where mutants were hunted down and thrown into internment camps by the evil, autonomous sentinels. The confirmed returns of the likes of Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry leads one to believe that the plot for the new film will follow a similar storyline, but considering where the original three X-Men films left off, and all the news we’ve gathered since Singer’s arrival, we are left with some burning questions for this rather ambitious installment…


5. Who Will Be The Central Time Traveler(s)?


 Or maybe the question should be: “just how will time travel work?”

The original storyline followed Kitty Pryde, who was able to transfer her consciousness back and forward between her future and past self to warn of a coming mutant holocaust. The recent casting addition of Ellen Page, who played Kitty Pryde in The Last Stand, may suggest a similar concept is in the works. Just one issue with this idea – Kitty Pryde has already been established as a student in the modern era of the X-Men franchise. Transferring her conscious back in time is therefore out, unless they want to use a five-year old version of Shadowcat back in the 70s with James McAvoy. It’s possible that they may just have her ‘phase’ into the past as a sort of translucent projection, which as ridiculous as that sounds, could be totally possible in a world where someone can control the weather.

Another option they could explore is simply having Xavier do this, which would actually fall in line with a concept they tried to introduce in The Last Stand (everyone was probably so angry about all the franchise murdering-ness going on at that point, though, that they missed it). Or they could do something completely new, all together. Whatever floats their boat.