X-Men Apocalypse: 7 Ways It Could Change The Franchise Forever

Apocalypse is coming, and nothing will ever be the same for the X-Men.

Apocalypse and his horsemen will soon be riding into cinemas to do battle with everyone's favourite uncanny mutants, the X-Men, but what does his arrival mean for Fox's only successful comic book franchise? The very nature of Oscar Isaac's villain means that the world of mutants is about to suffer a cataclysmic visitation, one that can't help but change things forever. As his name suggests, Apocalypse is a harbinger of death and destruction. He's the world's oldest and possibly most powerful mutant, and he'll stop at nothing to cleanse humanity and start again from the ashes with a pure mutant race. He's what humans who fear mutants fear most; the ultimate endgame, and it will take everything that the X-Men have to beat him. How could things possibly go back to a status quo after that sort of battle? Apocalypse also represents the end of the 'young X-Men' prequel trilogy that started with First Class and continued through the timeline-bending Days Of Future Past, so it's more than fair to expect an even grander tale of warring mutants and social politics than has ever been seen before.The effects will be far reaching for the team and the X-universe on a whole. Here's what could go down in 2016

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