You Won't Believe Tom Holland's Cut Avengers: Infinity War Scene

Would you have liked to see more Spider-Man in Infinity War?

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Everyone might currently be obsessing over MCU Phase Four in the build up to Comic Con, but Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has just dropped a new detail from 2017's Avengers: Infinity War.

In an interview with IMDB, Holland describes a cut scene from the film that would've played off the astral sequences from 2016's Doctor Strange, whereby Thanos would've snapped the souls out of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Peter would have to put them back together. It sounds absolutely wild, but it's easy to see why it was cut in the end.

"It was basically, Thanos, like, snapped his fingers or something, and all the Guardians became astral forms, and then I had to try and grab all their bodies and put them back in the astral form."

While it's fair to say that Infinity War didn't exactly boast a shortage of epic set-pieces, Holland's description does sound impressive. Doctor Strange included some of the most impressive visuals in the MCU to date, and to see a throwback in Avengers would've been great to see.

Again, it's still understandable as to why it was cut, but there's no doubt it would've made it even better. Here's hoping we get to see similar sequences in the future.

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