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10 Things Christopher Nolan Got Wrong About Batman

Almost the hero Gotham deserves.
By Mark Langshaw

Creed 2 Trailer Reaction: 6 Ups & 3 Downs

Another typical boxing movie? We'll see.
By Jack Pooley

9 Origin Movies That Actually Worked

Not everything suffers from Prequel Trilogy-itis...
By Simon Gallagher

Marvel Writers Want Moon Knight Film

This one's getting interesting, folks...
By Ewan Paterson

Avengers 4 - Did The Collector Actually Survive Infinity War?

An unlikely survivor?
By Simon Gallagher

Could The Batman And Joker Origin Movie Be Linked?!

Another DC shared universe?!
By Simon Gallagher

10 Most Imaginative Shots On Film

Bullet time still blows minds today.
By Jack Pooley
+ Comics

Joker Origin Movie: 7 Comic Storylines DC Could Adapt

With so many Clown Princes to choose from, which would work best?
By Ewan Paterson

5 Movies That Changed Your Mind About Directors You Hated

Split single-handedly redeemed nearly 20 years of M. Night Shyamalan flops.
By Josh Brown

Every DC Comic Book Movie In Development (& Rumoured) Ranked

So much for that major derailment...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Most Exciting Upcoming Movies Announced This Year

Who's ready for A Quiet Place 2: An Even Quieter Place?
By Danny Meegan

The Joker: Could Robert De Niro Join Exciting Origin Movie

Scorsese link paying off already?
By Simon Gallagher

Samuel L Jackson Says Black Panther And Nick Fury WILL Meet

Could the Avengers big boss appear in Black Panther 2?
By Simon Gallagher

8 Burning Questions We Have After Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The latest Jurassic World movie sure left a lot of unanswered questions.
By Chris J Capel

New Ant-Man And The Wasp TV Spot Teases Infinity War Connection

So this is when the movie takes place.
By James Hunt

Black Panther 2: Michael B Jordan WOULD Return As Killmonger

As long as it's possible, anyway...
By Simon Gallagher

8 Reasons You Should Be Excited For The Predator

The many reasons to be thrilled for what this sequel has in store...
By William Jones

Predicting The 9 Star Wars Movies Currently In The Works

Sequels, prequels and spin-offs galore - where'll the franchise head next?
By Ewan Paterson

Star Wars Rumour: Billy Dee Williams' Lando To Appear In Episode 9

Is IX getting a whole lot smoother?
By James Hunt

Avengers 4: 15 Big Questions From Everything We Know So Far

Unpicking the secrets we all want to know...
By Simon Gallagher

Captain Marvel: Everything We Know So Far

By James Hunt

Incredibles 2 Just Made More Money Than Captain America: Civil War

Show time!
By Simon Gallagher

Wonder Woman 2: Huge Plot Rumours Tease A Big Villain And Steve Trevor

More disguised bad guys?!
By Simon Gallagher

10 Fan Theories About Tarantino Movies That Make Perfect Sense

Fan theories so convincing you could call them death proof.
By Helen Jones

10 Video Nasties That Became Horror Classics

Not so nasty after all.
By Helen Jones

How Warner Bros Can Fix The DC Extended Universe

Take a page out of Marvel's book. For your sake.
By Danny Meegan

8 Superhero Films That Nearly Had Completely Different Directors

These versions are out there somewhere in the multiverse...
By Sam Summers

13 Harry Potter Plot-Holes (That Were Totally Solved)

Not everything goes unanswered...
By Simon Gallagher
+ Science

7 Happy Movie Endings That Are Totally Ruined By Science

Childhood officially ruined.
By Stevie Shephard

Ocean's 8 Review: 5 Ups And 4 Downs

The Oceans are back in the game.
By Kevin McCasland