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Shaka Zulu Restaurant Review - A Carnivore’s Dream

Eating at Shaka Zulu is not so much a dining experience as it is an “experience”. The stunning scenery and decadent décor, mixed with the authentic live entertainment and succulent, exotic cuisines propel this to something more than simply going for a meal.

25 Sep 2012 Adam Rayner

big dirty burger

Big Dirty Burger – The Home of the Gang Bang

This past Jubilee weekend, when many were out celebrating the Queen and the Royal British heritage, I did something less wholesome, which a lot of people would consider to be very wrong.

7 Jun 2012 Adam Rayner

gastro pub

Are We Heading Towards A Gastropocalypse?

Mistaking whimsy for wisdom and hierarchy for help, we’ve let forced quirkiness create a ‘bored-geoisie’ that’s incapable of operating independently. And it’s ruining pubs too.

20 Apr 2012 Jack Murray