5 Reasons To Enjoy Whiskey In Autumn

You Don't Know Jack!

For over 150 years Jack Daniel’s has been the lifeblood of the unassuming little town of Lynchburg, Tennessee. Home to around 600 inhabitants, this hideaway in the deep south of the US has been connected to the fortunes and influence of one of the country’s biggest exports, and the world’s best loved whiskey.

The same traditional methods and ingredients that first helped make Jack Daniel’s a success over 100 years ago are still honoured and used today. In fact many of the practices seen at the distillery today are the same ones Mr. Jack would have used himself back in the day. From drawing on the same pure water source found on site, to the use of sugar maple to create charcoal which gives the drink its unmistakable smoky sweet taste, to being one of the only distilleries in the world that has its own cooperage in which to 'raise' the barrels for the whiskey to mature its own whiskey, everything is geared towards ensuring every drop is authentic and produced in the tried and tested way.

The spirit of Jack Daniel’s is about much more than just production of tasty liquor however, and has impacts on wider culture beyond just the confines of Moore County. Countless musical references have been made to the drink throughout the expanses of rock and country genres, and the logo itself has become synonymous with some of the iconic bands and artists of the modern age.

In the video above – You Don’t Know Jack – London based bartender Nathan Shearer visits Lynchburg to speak with some of the people who Jack Daniel’s better than anyone. He takes a look at just what makes the drink so special, and examines just how far its influence reaches across the world. You can also visit the Jack Daniel’s website to find out more.

In the UK alone we consume over 77million litres of whiskey every single year. Whether it’s straight up, on the rocks, with a mixer, or as part of a cocktail there are few types of liquor that lend themselves so perfectly to every social occasion. It is for this reason we thought we would draw up a list of perfect excuses – not that you need one – for you to enjoy whiskey this autumn...


Produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee Jack Daniel's is a brand of Tennessee whiskey. Globally it is the best selling American whiskey, and in 2013 sold in excess of 11million cases.