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10 Players Who Thought They Were Bigger Than Newcastle United

30th October 2014, 11:16:28

Neal Simpson/EMPICS Sport
This town ain't big enough for the likes of them...

There’s an old maxim that Newcastle fans don’t want anything apart from as much effort as players are able to give. It’s not wholly true: as football is about a lot more than that, but giving your heart, and your sweat and your tears goes a long way to winging you over with the Geordie faithful as much as being as gifted as Peter Beardsley can.


Dear Newcastle, Please Give 3000 Fans Something To Cheer At Man City

28th October 2014, 16:14:56

Nigel French/EMPICS Sport
City will be under-strength and Newcastle should go for it.

A lot has been said about Newcastle’s infamously anti-cup agenda. With primary focus on the Premier League and survival to retain as much TV money as possible and make sure the club can remain self-sustaining, the prospect of winning in the League Cup or FA Cup seems to have been entirely dismissed (as if it was ever on the cards in the first place).


7 Things Rangers Fans Can Expect From Mike Ashley (From All Newcastle Fans)

28th October 2014, 15:57:01

Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport
Solidarity brothers. It's not ALL bad.

Instability and flux usually means the daunting prospect of unexpected trials and tribulations on the horizon: which is probably why Rangers fans at the minute have a knot in their stomach that they can’t blame on the team’s fortunes on the pitch, or even the big imaginary red letters that keep dropping onto the club’s doormat. They’ve been in both of those situations before, and though there’s no comfort in the moments themselves, there is in their familiarity.


Newcastle Transfers: 10 French Bargains Pardew Should Target In January

28th October 2014, 12:58:03

Claude Paris/AP
Contracts running out? Sounds like the perfect opportunity...

According to some reports, Newcastle are already working hard on identifying and dealing in their January transfer targets, to get around any last minute rush that pushes prices out of their range and makes previously affordable players frustratingly unattainable. With the scouting net cast out already, and names like Paul-Georges Ntep and Sam Byram coming back, the suggestion is that focus will be on signing a centre-back option to cover Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa’s departure and a striker to both bolster competition and cover Papiss Cisse’s likely African Nations duties in January.


Newcastle: Llambias Claimed Sports Direct Arena Money Bought Demba Ba

28th October 2014, 11:00:19

Owen Humphreys/PA Archive/Press Association Images
So, the naming rights generated enough to sign a free transfer then...

As Rangers inevitably hurtle towards a deal to rename Ibrox after Mike Ashley acquired the stadium’s naming rights for just £1, and Derek Llambias heads towards the CEO job, it’s an interesting point to look back to when the rights were up for grabs and Llambias represented Sports Direct to a consultancy meeting. Ignoring for a minute how much of a conflict of interest that now looks, some of the revelations from then chief executive Charles Green brought to light how much renaming Newcastle’s stadium actually brought into the club.


Did Mike Ashley Really Not Do Due Dilligence On Newcastle?

28th October 2014, 09:53:41

Nigel French/EMPICS Sport
The Rangers situation seems awfully coincidental.

Why were we told that Mike Ashley didn’t do due diligence when he was looking at buying Newcastle United? Why would a business man renowned for investing in failing brands and offering crisis loan (or gambling massively on potential share failures, as he did with Tesco recently) be concerned with bailing out the club with a personal loan that was repayable by strict terms, and was protected by the club’s assets and its incoming TV payments?


Newcastle: Ashley Wins Whether Rangers Survive Or Not

28th October 2014, 09:12:40

Scott Heppell/AP/Press Association Images
Liquidation wouldn't hurt, as long as he controls the key assets.

Mike Ashley has a track record of rescuing “stuttering” brands: he swoops in, brings once proud companies on their knees under his Sports Direct banner and injects some life into them before reaping the financial benefits. His latest endeavour is on a whole other scale to Lonsdale and Slazenger, as he’s been cast as the most unlikely (and in the fans’ eyes unwelcome) rescue party leader at Rangers, seemingly saving them from impending financial doom just as they’re hours away from running out of money.