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Why Newcastle Fans Should Be Anxious Over Alan Pardew's Replacement

30th December 2014, 09:58:10

Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
Pardew is out but where does Ashley go next?

Although Newcastle fans may have got their dream present this Christmas with Alan Pardew’s impending exit from St. James’ Park, a troubling anxiety over what happens next has crept in. “Sack Pardew” may have been the cry for months but few would have been able to tell you who should be in charge instead. The focus was so aggressive on Pardew out that nobody even thought about what the follow-up would be if it actually happened.


12 New England Internationals For 2015

18th December 2014, 16:09:08

Lynne Cameron/EMPICS Sport
The next generation of English talent pushing for Euro 2016.

As often happens after England’s biennial tournament humiliation, the British press and public call for an injection of young blood. This was perhaps louder than ever following this summer’s World Cup in Brazil. The problem is, there isn’t always a hotbed of talent to pick from, especially when the domestic league is full of so much money and foreign purchases.


5 Goals That Could Have Changed Newcastle United Forever

16th December 2014, 10:01:38

Michael Steele/EMPICS Sport
There's nothing harder on football fans than a "what if...".

Highs and lows elicit any emotion you’d care to mention, but they’re all matter of fact. They go into the record books, and in 100 years time they’ll still be there, completely unchanged, for you happily or therapeutically reminisce over. But the near-misses, they come only with a thick fog of interpretation that means they’ll be debated for as long as arguing in pubs is considered a valid use of one’s time. All without an definitive answer ever being found.