10 2017 Video Games That Wasted Their Biggest Selling Point

Assassin's Creed "Origins"? Yeah, about that...

Assassins Creed Origins hidden blade

As we wait with baited breath to see how 2018 is going to play out on a global scale (nothing like the looming threat of nuclear war to make you cherish the escapist charms of video games), it's worth taking a look back at just which titles really could've been better.

Naturally, the standout positives are your Zeldas and Horizons of this world, but even less marketed offerings like Hellblade, Night in the Woods and NieR: Automata provided experiences routed in the medium of video games, pushing the envelope and inventing a few of their own to boot.

That said, many 2017 games felt completely different to play when compared to how they were marketed. Rather like a film trailer cutting together the most bankable elements before you realise what you're watching is a bust (here's looking at you, Hostiles), no one likes being hoodwinked after the fact, or otherwise being misled as to what they were investing in.

Outside of straight misrepresentation is a game failing to remotely capitalise on its potential too - something that in the age of hype and viral marketing campaigns, can be disastrous for a franchise going forward.

What went wrong? Well...

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