10 "Confirmed" 2018 Video Game Leaks That Were Total Bull

Oh, Rocksteady... why must you torture us so?


It seems that year after year, no matter what, players and industry figures get tricked by secretive posts on sites like Reddit and 4Chan, supposedly 'leaking' in-development games. Top-Secret AAA projects that nobody knew existed are suddenly out in the wild, and hype trains begin for things that could've never existed in the first place. Everyone falls for it too, waiting for some kind of announcement, only to be left in a state of pure disappointment.

2018 was no different, teasing enticing-sounding projects that usually serve as reboots of existing IPs, sequels, or simply the next big project for any major studio. Since they're often easily-recognizable among most gamers, it's easy for excitement to spread like wildfire. Regardless of how realistic or unrealistic these concepts end up being, gamer hype quickly overpowers any critical perspective.

The last 12 months' "leaks" centred around DC universe characters, rebranded existing IPs and sequels that were a long time coming. Alas, the year has come to an end and none of them have been confirmed (some even had their existence officially rejected).

Who knows, perhaps these titles will reemerge in 2019? Let's hope there's better luck next year!


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