10 Addictive Video Games That Will Ruin Your Life

9. Solitaire

Solitaire is easily the game on this list most likely to get you fired from your job, because it's the only one that is easily accessible at just about any office-based workplace on the planet. So, it's your lunch break and you're bored; the office admins have blocked Facebook, Twitter, 9Gag and just about every other site worth visiting, but alas, they didn't count on you being bored enough to play the world-famous time-consuming single-player card game. Your session finally finishes and you look at the clock; it's now an hour before the end of the day and you've not done any work. Your inbox is now full of priority tasks you didn't notice because you were on a hot streak, and now, your boss is breathing down your neck. It's all because of Solitaire; that game you couldn't quit even if you wanted to, because it's everywhere.
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