10 Amazing Games Nobody Managed To Complete

Are you one of the 0.8% who managed to beat Super Meat Boy?

RedLynxRedLynxYears ago we all prided ourselves on completing as many titles as possible - a feat made all the easier by the fact that back in the day games barely had anything more than a linear progression to throw at you in the first place. Fast-forward to the last decade though and any games wishing to call themselves anything close to immersive must have any number of elongated side-missions, audio logs and multiple types of collectable that number into the hundreds. It's no longer enough to say you've 'beaten' a game as was per the conversational norm suggesting you'd seen all on offer, as unless you've devoted a few months to dig out that tucked-away trinket or otherwise ill-placed orb, you can't say you've fully completed anything - and that's forgetting the games that are so satanically programmed we never get through to the end-credits anyway. These days this sort of thing is a rarity, as we've found out with the help of Raptr.com and their stat-tracking software that's been keeping tabs on which achievements have been unlocked, and by how many users. That common utterance of "Yeah I finished it... oh but just the main missions, none of that side stuff" is something you hear all too often, and it's time too see just how applicable that is to the biggest titles in the industry. So let's throw down the gauntlet and ask yourself - which of the following have you honestly completed to 100%?
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