10 Annoying Characters That Stopped Great Video Games Being Perfect

8. Natalya - Goldeneye 007

goldeneye natalya

As a reflection of a character who has already appeared in a movie, any adapted character in a video game can have a pretty tough time ahead of themselves. Natalya's movie counterpart worked herself a reputation for being a fairly no-nonsense sort, more than able to look after herself if a situation demanded.

It's a shame, then, that the video game version in Goldeneye 007 was basically the complete antithesis. Natalya seems virtually incapable of protecting herself in any way, and looking after her becomes the major objective on numerous occasions during the game. Don't think she's just a damsel in distress, however; she's far worse than that!

Natalya's tendency to get stuck and overawed - particularly in the Control Room stage - has become infamous with players of this otherwise wonderful game. Of course protecting her is a necessary evil for this type of shooter, but surely a little extra IQ for the character's AI wouldn't have gone amiss?


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