10 Annoying Enemies That Almost Ruined Great Video Games

What's a Bethesda game without flying enemies? A better game, that's what.

What would video games be without enemies? Less stressful, for sure, and more artsy maybe, because with the challenge/competition element eliminated, you're left with more of a digital 'experience' than a game. 

While it's nice to imagine doing a sightseeing tour of Dark Souls' moribund worlds without the harassment, or a refreshing wander around Skyrim without the threat of frost trolls, let's face it, games would be pretty boring without foes.

But even so, there are enemies created just to annoy and frustrate, the kind of shockingly-designed creations that have been about as much fun to fight as a swarm of mosquitoes - squealing in your ears, leaving you stressed and itchy, and always coming back no matter how many of them you crush.

So join me in this Hall of Shame as I list all those enemies of ill repute that tormented me for hours, nearly ruining otherwise great gaming experiences.

10. Cliff Racers - Morrowind


The scourge of Vvardenfell, the insufferable squealers of the ashen skies of Morrowind, Cliff Racers are the most infamous enemies throughout the Elder Scrolls series. When you're out in the wild and you hear that iconic cawing, then you better either run or get your bow ready, because all hell is about to rain down on you.

These nagging nightmares always attack in swarms (or is it flocks?), pecking at you then backing away when you start swinging back. They're awkward, hard to hit, and persistent; an infuriating combat encounter even by the high standards set by other airborne video game baddies.

The Cliff Racer plague is so bad, in fact, that one player benevolently made a mod that removed them completely from the game. Or, if you're feeling masochistic, you can download a mod that seems to spawn 10 for every one you kill.

Their notoriety ensured that they never appeared in another Elder Scrolls game, but that didn't a certain other big franchise from including them under a different name...


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