10 Annoying Things That Are Ruining Video Games

6. Auto-Aim

There's a time and a place for auto-targeting. Helicopters, nuke launchers, and Metal Gear Solid end-bosses are all perfectly entitled to fire missiles that could shoot an apple off your head from three miles away. But how is it that every thug you control in a GTA game, or every protagonist of an Assassin's Creed game, can put a bullet in a target at the simple press of a button?

GTA is a big culprit here, as shooting is such a core mechanic of the game. Being able to line up your target while hiding behind cover, then blast them away without aiming is a crime against gaming. Where's the challenge? Where's the skill? Why the hell are we playing GTA V when its gameplay requires neither of those things?

While auto-aim can usually be toggled in both single and multiplayer, you'd be at a huge disadvantage if you switched it off for online games in Battlefield 4, Far Cry 4 or GTA Online - all of which rely on various forms of auto- or assisted aim. It should be cut out of online modes altogether, encouraging a more skill-based experience rather than whoever draws first, wins.

The Last of Us, Max Payne 3 and Gears of War prove that console shooters can be great without auto-aim, so let's try to get rid of the damn thing altogether.


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