10 Anticipated Video Games That Have Probably Been Cancelled

1. EA’s Visceral-Developed Star Wars Game


Yes, the original version has already been cancelled thanks to EA shutting down Visceral studios mid-development, but do you genuinely think even the reworked version of this will make it out?

EA noted that they have to "pivot the design" away from the single player focus that was shown off before, but as project lead and creative visionary (literally the very fibre holding the thing together) Amy Hennig was militantly pursuing various immersive ideas, there's no way she sticks around for anything close to Battlefront 2.

The team are scattered, Hennig is yet to comment on her future involvement and EA - despite royally ballsing up Battlefront 2's launch - only want games that function as "services" i.e. constantly offering microtransactions and DLC.

None of these things pertain to an Uncharted-like Star Wars story, and it's very unlikely that any of the game's original story and characters will make it through.

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