It is no secret that indie games are blowing up. Aside from the iOS/Android revolution, the PC, PS3, 360 have become the home of incredible indie games. Minecraft and Journey are two of the biggest indie games in recent memory, while games such as Fez and Guacamelee have also found lots of success.

This year’s E3 was another indicator that indie games will play a big role in the upcoming generation of new consoles. Sony showed off an indie showcase featuring games such as Octodad: Deadliest Catch and Secret Ponchos, while Microsoft revealed their titles Below and LocoCycle. Before we look into the future, we should look into the past and see what games brought to this special indie game renaissance.


10. Braid


It is important to start this list with one of the most beloved indie games in recent memory. Braid was released on Xbox Live in 2008 and made developer Jonathan Blow an overnight success in the gaming world; success he rightfully deserved. The earthy, fantasy driven art direction might have made some think the game was geared towards kids, but the puzzle mechanics clearly depict something different.

The beauty of Braid lies in its simple game play controls, allowing you to focus more on the various abilities you obtain as you progress through the game. Thanks to an awful video of Soulja Boy playing Braid that went viral, most of us know that you can rewind time, but that’s just the beginning. Each world contains its own time based mechanic that aides in your quest to find the puzzle pieces hidden in each level. While Braid debuted on the 360, later made its way to PCs, Macs, and the PS3. Blow’s next game, The Witness, is currently a timed-exclusive for the PS4, Windows, and iOS, leaving the XBox One in the dark for the time being.

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This article was first posted on June 19, 2013