10 Awesome Moments That Defined The N64

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The Nintendo 64 defined childhoods – perhaps even an entire generation of childhoods – and is arguably one of the greatest home consoles ever released, boasting a tremendous library of undeniably excellent games.

Chances are, the console is among your personal favourites, and for good reason, too. There was something unquestionably unique about the thing, setting it apart from the crowd, as well as giving it a genuine sense of personality.

Now, the decision to implement cartridge-based media was a strange one – especially considering the practical limitations compared to the disk-based alternative – but the games themselves were especially awesome, continually references with remarkable fondness even today.

After all – while it came up short in some areas compared to its closest competitor, the PS1 – it did continually deliver in terms of gameplay and storytelling, providing some of the most memorable moments in gaming history, moments which would define the console’s celebrated seven-year lifespan.

That said, here are ten incredible moments that defined the console, cementing its legacy as one of the all-time greatest…

10. Discovering The Great Deku Tree (LoZ: Ocarina Of Time)


Ocarina of Time – released eight years ago in 1998 – is arguably one of the greatest entries in the series, and an undeniable classic in its own right. It was the first attempt at a 3D Zelda game, and despite a handful of niggling drawbacks, was considered a tremendous success, selling almost ten million copies worldwide, and a million copies in the week of its release, putting modern Zelda games to absolute shame.

The game was an instant classic, comprised equally of standout sequences and iconic moments, but there was one in particular that defined the entire experience. Discovering the Great Deku Tree in Kokiri Forest happens quite early on – and besides representing the first dungeon in the game – was an impressive sight to behold, a ginormous talking tree infected with a great evil, and needing assistance.

Journeying instead, the player is immediately accosted by monsters, the dungeon itself representing many players’ entry point into the entire series.

There was something so majestic about the entire sequence – and while the Deku Tree would make subsequent reappearances throughout the series – his first encounter is by far the most memorable.

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