10 Awesome Video Games That Didn't Get The Credit They Deserved

So many video games are released these days that it's literally impossible to sample everything that's on offer. There are many factors we take in to account when choosing our next purchase - developer reputation, genre, reviews and even sales figures, should the game have been out long enough. Gaming isn't what you'd call a cheap habit and, since we're not all dripping with disposable income or even the time to sit down to play all day, most of us simply have to be choosy. For the most part, these factors on which we decide our next gaming purchase serve us well; cream rises to the top after all. For the most part the games that we, as a global community, avoid tend to be the games that are worth avoiding. But then, that's not always the case. Sometimes our judgements can shoot us in the foot and we end up missing the boat on a game that's way more awesome than you'd think. There are many reasons games don't see the light of day that they deserve: insufficient promotion; market saturation; poor timing, the list goes on. So, I thought I'd take a quick look back over my gaming tenure and look at those obscure, poor-performing or otherwise poorly received title's that really deserved more credit than they enjoyed. So, let's jump right in shall we?
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